Your Great Big Beautiful Life Book Club Official Study Group Support Kit

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There are a great number of health, program, diet, plans, and guidebooks on the market illustrating very detailed how to’s for every particular health concern. Your Great Big Beautiful Life pulls together a basics of understanding for health of all of the bodies you inhabit as a human being, with an understanding of what’s behind it all. When we get absorbed in the emotions that we attach to the situation going on in our lies, we get bogged down into the physical realm, ever increasing the energy surrounding the situation. Contained herein are articles and exercises to demonstrate the truths of who we really are, what our lives really mean, and then by pure law, improve our life’s growth, understanding, peace and joy. You will find a sampling of useful tools for each part of your existence: body, mind and soul. from a new level. Use the exercises anytime during life, to understand more about the situation in which you find yourself. As the premise of the book states: don't waste any experience. If an exercise applies to your current situation, use it to your benefit. Written intuitively and multi-dimensionally on multiple levels the reader will find something new each time they read, perfectly matching their life's needs and situation

Kit comes with 1 instructor copy as well as 1 workbook and additional study group support materials.