Using the Energy Bowl Formula to Create Lunch: Maple Kale Salad

When plain old romaine or iceberg salad gets old, (because that's what we tend to think of when we think of "salad for lunch"), we can open up our eyes to all the variety of vegetables and fruits and other plant foods that are available.  When tossed in varying combinations, we realize "salad for lunch" can really just be the unique combinations of the wide variety of veg we have available to us.  

The different blends change the flavor entirely!  Plus, it's easy to throw together an "energy bowl" (as opposed to "salad"). 

The formula for combining is easy.

Energy Bowl Formula  

2 kinds of greens

1 kind of fruit

one oil

vegetation protein source (some suggestions:  nuts, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts, chia, lentils, beans)


Maple Kale Salad

For a single serving:

1/2 cup kale, cut into ribbons

1/2 cup napa cabbage, cut into ribbons

1/2 apple, seeded and sliced into slivered moons

1 tsp sesame oil

1 tsp maple syrup (totally can get by without this bit of sugar.  I just wanted it to taste like a bacon apple salad and the maple flavor tricks your mind into thinking it is.  Here's a tiny tricky trick...crush the walnuts and drizzle the maple syrup directly over them.  Then add to salad.  The texture and maple taste will trick your mind into thinking it's bacon, if you're really missing it)

Himalayan salt and pepper

1/4 c crushed walnuts


Toss the fruit and greens together, drizzle the oil and maple syrup, season with salt and pepper and add the crushed walnuts.  For being simple, it sure it tasty!


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