For Practitioners

Ever have your clients/patients ask for help with their diet, and you don't have resources or a plan for them? 

Finally, a complete system to help your clients and patients improve their health through diet. 


*YOU get to help them improve with no extra work on your part. 

* THEY get to reap the benefits of an all-inclusive education and implementation system with all the resources they need, giving YOU the kudos for their healing!

Now, you have a complete resource and education system to hand off to your clients DONE FOR YOU!  Meal plans, recipes, weight loss, balancing and healing protocols that YOU DON'T HAVE TO PLAN OUT!  

It's based on the functions of food, so it teaches the truth about diet and nourishment in an easy to follow format.  It's customized through 4 plan options and has everything one needs to be successful following a truth based nourishing principle diet. 

All you have to do is give them access to it!


All enrolled practitioners are added to our directory on the website so others can find you!

We have a mission to teach EVERY ONE in America what the functions of food are and how to chart their foods for health.  Will you help?