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Amanda Plevell is a PhD’d Natural Medicine Practitioner, speaker, trainer and educator in the influential fields of Biochemistry, Cellular biology, Nourishment, Conceptual Thought and Organization, and practical Clinical Natural Medicine. 

She is a medical miracle with unexplainable recoveries from Incurable Autoimmune Diagnoses including Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease, and thyroid disorder, anxiety and depression, through diet and natural therapies.  But it was in 2015 that she found herself in a wheelchair from medical trauma adding Steroid Induced Myopathy to the list. Losing the use of her legs and in extreme pain, Amanda once again resorted to diet and natural methods to give her body a fighting chance....and won.   She spent 2016 re-learning to walk and develop a healthy body once again, running a 5K marathon the following July. She has currently no diagnoses, no medications, and no supplementation for healing.

Amanda Plevell, PhD is a nationally recognized leader in the connection between science and spirit, as discussed in her book, “The Real Heal:  Why Science Can Never Divorce Energy From Healing”.

Her interest in research, cellular biology, and epigenetics led her to receive her PhD from New Eden School of Clinical Natural Medicine after starting her own Natural Health and Functional Wellness practice in Minnesota in 2007.  Amanda’s research on digestive disorders such as Crohn’s, Celiac, IBS, and IBD focused mainly on the cellular mechanisms and her belief in the coding cells receive, thus determining their behavior.

She began studying Quantum Physics and how this might help her further establish her cellular belief theories.  The belief that the outside environment largely determines behavior of the cells, as well as the coding cells have received in their “programming” from sources such as internal thoughts, theories, beliefs, and emotions as well as environmental influences and cosmic imprints, including conception and creation, is paramount to the understanding of “healing” vs. “curing”.  

Applying these discoveries to her own life transformed her personally as well.  Her deepened understanding of cellular behavior changed how she lived her daily life as well as how she worked with clients through practice.

Amanda has since taken this work to further writings and lectures, and is currently a sought after workshop presenter and speaker.  Having an understanding of “Concept Pathology” and methods to re-train programmed threads have shaped new methods of work in the functional field.  This also altered how she saw diet and nutrition and came to new understandings in that arena as well, leading to the creation of and the books, “Clean Your Plate” a functional physiological understanding of nourishment, and “Beyond the Plate”, a guide to the relationship energy between the self and food.  She is happy to hear of her contributions lightening the lives of countless attendees of her workshops, lectures, and one on one appointments. 


For almost two decades, she has helped over 4,000 individuals directly through her coaching programs on, and many thousands indirectly through her blogs, videos, and seminars.  She helps others walk through their own miracles of healing, teaching concept identification, Functional Nourishment, Food FX, clean eating recipes, and plant based nutrition to assist with weight loss, anxiety, depression, and nutritionally related chronic disease.  Her bestselling books include such titles as "Clean Your Plate", "Beyond the Plate", "The Success Conditioning Work it Out Book", "The Genesis Code", "I Am Success", "The Energy of Divorce", "The Real Heal:  The Genesis Code" and "Your Final Forty: Getting out of your own way of Success".  


  * PhD in Philosophy of Natural Medicine,  New Eden School of Clinical Natural Health, 2018.

* Doctorate in Clinical Natural Medicine/Naturopathy, New Eden School, 2017  [New Eden School exceeds WHO(the World Health Organization) standards]

* Diploma in Biochemical Nutrition, College of Natural Medicine, Larnaca, Cyprus, 2017

* Diploma in Hair, Tissue, Skin, Mineral Analysis, College of Natural Medicine, Larnaca, Cyprus, 2017

 Bachelor's in Education and Applied Psychology:  Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling, SCSU, St. Cloud, MN 1998.

  She worked at the St.  Cloud Hospital in the Pharmacy Department, expanding her knowledge on chemical treatments and their interrelationship with the body.

  She continued on earning certifications and credentials from Certified Natural Health Practitioners, Trinity, Clayton College of Natural Health, AIM Institute, and a multitude of individual modality and instructional seminars and certifications.

* Became Certified as a Natural Health Practitioner in 2007

* Trained and Certified as an EDS/MSAS Technician in 2007

* Owner/Operator of the Natural Source Clinics, Success Conditioning  Academy, and

* Community Wellness Initiative Promoter and Teen Youth Advocate

* Conceptology and Concept Pathology Trainer

* Author of over 26 books in the areas of Concept Therapy, Concept Pathology, Nutritional Psychology, Self Help, Growth and Transformation, and Success Conditioning, Amanda Plevell is a world-established Natural Medicine Practitioner, Nourishment Instructor, Trainer, Speaker, Entrepeneurial Educator, Wellness Advocate, Success and Lifestyle Coach.  

Monthly Wellness and Lifestyle Performance Coaching ($4997/Month) 


Whether you’re restoring from illness or symptoms, trying to shed fat or gain lean muscle as fast as possible, or you want to tap into the most cutting-edge health, anti-aging and longevity protocols, coaching with Amanda Plevell is our most complete and popular program, designed to enhance your physical and mental performance at the highest level. With detailed instructions, guidance and planning from Amanda, you’ll get instant access to every nourishment, article, exercise and lifestyle technique that exists to optimize your life, make you indestructible, and get you to your goals as safely and quickly as possible.

This program is the side by side hand-holding that it sometimes takes to have a direct effect on true and total healing.  It gives you everything you need to optimize your body, mind and health, on all 8 dimensions including:

  • Complete wellness program designed by Amanda and zero guesswork, including research-proven strategies and biohacks to minimize time and maximize results. All program materials are delivered via easy-to-access platform for immediate and easy use. 
  • Detailed daily meal plan and supplement blueprint designed by Amanda, along with printable grocery shopping lists and complete customization based on your particular imbalances.  
  • Total guidance on beginner and advanced cellular understanding and concept therapy techniques, including CPT technique, Cellular programming, Law of Nourishment, healing protocols, detox strategy, therapies, PEMF, toxin protection, wellness modalities, nutritional therapies and anything else you need to maximize your results using science, along with lifestyle coaching from Amanda to enhance your sleep, de-stressing and productivity protocols.
  • Complete guidance on biomarker analysis and testing of your energetic systems, functional wellness, inflammation, thyroid panel, nutrients, minerals,and elimination channels along with interpretation and coaching based on testing of your gut health, food allergy, digestion and parasitology.
  • Initial 60 minute one-on-one phone consult with Amanda, followed up with as needed e-mail support to answer your questions and increase your success. 
  • Full access to Amanda's entire education library, a tollbox of over 300 workshops, videos, seminars and additional support from Amanda – instantly download anything you want from her books, training and nutrition plans.


This is complete guidance at the highest level, with zero-guesswork, and only a few people have access to this coaching program at any given time. After you purchase your coaching, Amanda will personally contact you within 48 hours to set up an introductory call with her. 

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Next Generation of Healers Coaching at the WellClinic Teaching Clinic 


Become empowered in your healing, train with professionals, learn new techniques, practice your coaching abilities, learn the operations of a successful wellness practice.  The Teaching Clinic trains the Next Generation of Healers, and those interested in naturalist methods and lifestyles in technique building, business coaching, successful practice technique, and business skills.  Located in Central MN, internships are in person, or online using the following program packages.  

Intuitive Profiling Business Projection

Making an Impact and an Income as a Healer

Developing a Relationship with your Website

Training the Next Generation of Healers

PIG Development and Training (Passive Income Generating Systems)


Multiple options available:

$600/One time 3 hour session

$1497 1 hour each week for a month ( 4 sessions)

$5997  continued month long coaching

$25,000 develop a WellClinic franchise with full support

For more information, apply now.  Applying does not commit you to the program.